How to make a GOOD Vlog – #1: Where do I start?


Vlogging is a great outlet to express your opinions, entertain people, or just keep your friends up-to-date with what’s going on in your life in a medium much more entertaining than writing a Facebook status or paragraphs of a traditional blog post.  If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re more interested in the the former two, though – expressing opinions and entertaining people.  That’s what I do.

In my most popular YouTube video, now having received over 18,000 views and well over 100 video responses (15 of which are still active), ‘How to Make a GOOD Vlog,’ I talk about some of the basics on how to make sure that you’re vlog doesn’t, to put it frankly, suck,  I didn’t call it ‘How to Succeed on YouTube’ or something like that, because these tips are the very minimum of quality you need to get started.

Today, I want to talk about a question that I get a LOT from fans and fellow YouTubers that I only briefly touched upon in my video: Where do I start?

A lot of people have the passion, ability, patience, equipment, and drive to video blog, and that’s great!  But one thing that ends up stifling a lot of people’s creativity is they have no idea where to begin or what to talk about.

That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Where Do I Start?
First, you need an idea.  Something to talk about.  Something that is not only interesting to you, but potential viewers on Youtube.  If it’s a popular subject, make sure to present a reason why your video is different than all the other vloggers talking about the same thing.  No one wants to hear your opinion if it’s the same as everyone else’s or if it’s old news, or if it’s obviously just, pardon the term, an attempt at ‘whoring’ yourself out to get more viewers.  Traditionally, there seems to be three types of Vlogs.

– Diaries
– Opinions

Diaries are the vlogs that talk about you, you, and more you.  What you’re doing in school.  How work is going.  That oh-so-interesting trip to the grocery store you took last week.  Stuff like that.  The one problem with these kinds of videos, though, is that unless the viewer is just really interested in what you’re saying (it helps to be attractive.  Guys, smile and squint a lot.  Girls, bite your lip and giggle.  Bam  100k views over night.), people aren’t going to care – at least not until you build a fan base.  If you’re new at this, unless something just incredible happened at the hair salon or you just saw the freakiest-looking spider or something not totally bland, no one is going to care.

Everyone likes to have their opinion known.  Vlogs are an excellent opportunity to get your voice out there.  Politics, Social issues, gripes, praises, sermons, lectures – things like these have the ability to stir up either controversy and hatred, or support and love.   You’ve got to have some thick skin if you’re going to pursue an opinion-based vlog.  People are going to hate you because you might think differently.  (One time, I brought up how disrespectful Senator Barbara Boxer was to an Army General one time, and I was called a ‘fatass faggot.’  Not only does it make them sound like a middle schooler, but neither insults have anything to do with the topic. )

But along with the hate, you’ll find love, too.  When people find someone else that shares an opinion with them, it makes them feel special, smart.  Valued, even.  People say to avoid Religion and Politics in polite conversation, and if you want polite conversation on YouTube, you probably should avoid opinion-based vlogs.  If you want Subscriptions and Views, though, you’re gonna have to step up to the podium.

One thing I really enjoy about the Youtube community is how we look after one another with reviews on products, services, movies, games, music, etc.  There is no incentive for a YouTuber, even a partner, to give a biased review on something.  We can all be honest with what we like and don’t like.   If you play a lot of video games, make a review on the last game you played!  Even if it’s an old game, like from the SNES or N64 era, label it ‘Retro.’  People eat that up.  If you saw a really good (or really sucky) movie recently, film a video review and put it online!  Read any good books lately?  Muse and ponder the finer points of a literary endeavor by speaking into the camera for two minutes.

There are many different ways to vlog.  Unless you want to be known as a specialist, be open to all three of these vlog types.  If you are passionate when speaking, and have a personality people can enjoy.  and topics worth speaking about, you will be on your way to succeeding on YouTube.

These ideas are just a springboard to get you thinking – there are no rules when it comes to what kind of video you want to make.  (Okay, don’t put up porn.  That’s kind of frowned upon.).  The first and most important step, though, if to GET GOING!  You’ll never be able to make a good video without practice, and you won’t get practice if you’re afraid to make a video.

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Hope this helps, and happy YouTubing!

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